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Greetings to all DoA fans. Today's 'News' is not only intended for the eyes but is also for the ears. We bring you a short snippet of music for one of our locations. The music is the creation of our musician Marek Kacaljak, who has a lot more to introduce to us. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do..



NUKE 9 Live

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Vazeni pratele, nepropasnete jedinecnou prilzitost a zucastnete se uvedeni nove verze NUKE 9 na cesky trh, a nasledne muzete stravit prijemny vecer se zastupci The Foundry

Prijdte, at jste mezi prvnimi, kteri budou mit moznost poznat vsechny nove zajimave funkce v rade produktu NUKE vcetne novinky NUKE STUDIO. 

Kdy? utery, 25. listopadu 2014
Kde? MAT CLUB, s.r.o., Karlovo namesti 19, 120 00 Praha 2 
v case 18:00 - 22:00

Cena: ucast zdarma

registrace zde:

Tesime se na videnou s Vami!
The Foundry & A|W Graph & Boneheadz Team



Dungeons of Aledorn - DoA

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11.11.14 – Presentation of the game Dungeons of Aledorn

Greetings to all fans of RPG games. This is the first of a series of “News” which we will be publishing at regular intervals. In this you will learn a little bit about our project Dungeons of Aledorn (DoA).
DoA is a combination of classic old-school dungeon Crawler with modern RPG elements and tactical combat. Within the DoA gameplay you can move in several major GUI options, which will put particular emphasis on the feasibility and credibility of the world of fantasy, as far as possible.

Obrázek 1 - ART - vesnice Manto

Picture 1 – ART – mountain village Manto

The basic GUI is as so: Exploring your location while you browse the DoA world from the first-person perspective, as it is known in the old dungeon Crawler habit. The GUI will perform many non-combative activities – exploration, opening chests, finding secret entrances, interacting with NPCs, collecting herbs, and lots more.

The second GUI you will encounter is traveling around the map. Nowadays it is widely advertised and very popular to use the “open world game”, but we decided to form locations, as is used in many of the games you will know eg. Fallout from games or Baldur’s Gate. Thus, we can free up vast resources that we can use to create better and more interesting locations. Of course, while traveling within these areas, the player may come across a plethora of random encounters that will create the necessary atmosphere.

Another interesting GUI management will be the sleep – camp. In this GUI, you can set what your entourage will be doing while resting, which is then reflected in the different characteristics of each character.

Perhaps the most important and at the same time our greatest challenge is the DoA GUI fight. This GUI will combine an ISO-metric view and perspective. Here the GUI places the highest demands on reality. We don’t want the player to get frustrated with something he wants to do in the game that it does not allow him to do. Another major attraction of our game is the battlegrounds (with few exceptions), which are not prepared in advance, but will be placed precisely where the players meet the enemy character. That whatever the player sees in the GUI explore mode will surround him in the GUI fight.

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