RTMP protocol library for iOS developers

What is RTMP protocol library?

Brings you the implementation of the RTMP on iPhone, iPad, iPod (and later coming devices) and allows you to stream online audio and video contents.What is RTMP?
Real Time Messaging Protocol , a multimedia streaming and RPC protocol primarily used in Adobe Flash.


It is difficult to stream live audio/video on iPhone, iPad, iPod as they all lack streaming protocol support.


supports audio and video streams

  • data streams
  • SharedObject
  • thread safe remote procedure calls (RPC) & option to call trough operational queues
  • multiple modes to run on background thread, RPC calls on main thread or background
  • connect, disconnect, reconnect and timeout calls
  • log support for transferred bites, number of RPC calls, number of SharedObject calls, calls in queue
  • max. data bandwidth configuration, reconnect timeout and number of reconnection and
  • open source solution, you may change any code

You can find more info about RTMP protocol on Digital-life website.

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