About SPAFi

What is SPAFi?

SPAFi is the society for Education and Knowledge Exchange Support in the computer animation and film industry

The main objectives of the society are to provide the opportunity for artists, designers and developers to keep in touch with state-of-the-art technologies, to introduce such parties to Best Practices in the digital film industry and computer games production, and to help artists both acquire and improve on their knowledge and experience.
SPAFi is active in providing the contact between the Artists on one side, and the potential customers or the employers on the other. The health market, based on the most appropriate knowledge and skills, is a key platform for increased growth in the industry.
The animation market is unleashing an infinite number of opportunities for all artists from diverse backgrounds. SPAFi provides a networking point linking graphic designers, animators, game developers, industry designers, architects, engineers, story writers, directors, musicians, composers and all others who believe they can contribute in any way possible to the creation of animation.

  • SPAFi Educates Artists – SPAFi Animation Academy
  • SPAFi Provides a Cross-Disciplinary Networking Point for the Animation Industry – SPAFi Jobs OnLine (coming soon)
  • SPAFi Opens Access to the Shared Pool of Resources and Knowledge – SPAFi Membership

Web portal SPAFi

Quality and effectiveness at a low cost are unattainable without access to excellent resource libraries, coupled with a shared knowledge-base.

SPAFi Portal provides:

  • Hot News Portal
    New, analysis, reviews and product overviews on CG and film from the technology, business and entertainment industry perspectives.
  • Development Information Sources
    Beginning with the model to post production activities. The articles range from the general rules and beginners tips, advanced tricks, and including the best professional advice.
  • Complex Resources Library
    Model references and textures for both the film and game animations with special emphasis on authenticity. A sound effects archive is also provided, allowing the animations to come live.

Networking Opportunities

Providing the opportunity for interested parties to meet, who are open to acquiring fresh ideas and sharing knowledge, creating a platform for professional growth.

SPAFi organizes:

  • Industry-related Meetings.
    Regular events for the entire CG / animation community. Acting as the place for the young Artists to introduce themselves, exchange experiences, and provide essential networking opportunities.
  • Professional Presentations and Contests.
    Workshops and contests for the professionals. State-of-the-art technology presentations, allowing for the comparison of both animation skills and individuals’ level of creativity.
  • CG / Animation education.
    Trainings courses focused on CG / animation creation process – see SPAFi Animation Academy


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