MotionBuilder tutorial: Motion Capture VICON data

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In this lesson I will show you how to use captured data from the MoCap VICON device (*.c3d). I will show you how to use MotionBuilder software and how to use MoCap data on your own model to animate your own character. This process is usually used in the industry by the professionals and is an essential part of todays pipeline of video game and animated films vendors.



MotionBuilder tutorial: Motion Capture VICON data (*.c3d)


Step 1:

Lets place and prepare the MoCap data in one folder. If you do not have any data, you can download some examples from here:

Step 2:

First you have to add the path to your folder where the MoCap data is stored (with the second mouse button click in the navigator and choose the add favourite path option).

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Step 3:

Using the left mouse button, drag and drop the MoCap data file (file boxing.c3d) into the work place view from the asset browser from the directory you have just added (select the option import c3d)

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Step 4:

The next step is to find the icon ACTOR in the asset browser and drag and drop this into the work view window. The gray character will appear. It is essential that the actor must be oriented in the same direction as the MoCap data is! It is usual that both the actor and MoCap data are facing towards the Z ax direction.

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Step 5:

Now we have to move the actor character as much as we can to match the MoCap data shape. We can use the scale tool to change the proportion of every single part of the actor’s body (chest, head, hands, legs, etc).

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Step 6:

Now we will build the marker set. In the navigator, click the arrow pointing in the left direction and actor set menu should appear. In the right part of the menu click the button Marker set.

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Step 7:

In the next step assign single groups of the markers to the appropriate place on the actor character. Using your mouse, select the group of markers and press and hold the “X” key and with the mouse drag and drop the group of the selected markers on the appropriate circle spot at the character scheme. Do that for all markers. You can use a max of 5 markers on one part of the body.

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Step 8:

Now click on the ACTIVE tick box. Hit the play button and enjoy of the actor’s movement.

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Step 9:

Now you can use the actor to drive you own model. Import your own model into the scene. Use the left mouse button and drag and drop the model from the asset browser into the work view window and choose the merge option.

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Step 10:

And now the last step is to drive your own model through the actor which is using the MoCap data. Select the model and change in the character animation menu input type to Actor input!

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Vo-a-la! Your model is moving exactly like the MoCap data file.