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Epic MetaHuman Creator: Export Source Asset to Autodesk Maya

This short tutorial shows how to download a Metahuman source asset and export it to Autodesk Maya

Create Realistic Fire Effect in Maya

hey guys in this production series we are going to create realistic Zombie On fire effect first lesson we are going through basic setting of 3d fluid containers and how to

How to rig and animate a truck in 12 minutes using the UAC Rig

This short video uses the Ultimate Adjustable Car Rig to rig and animate a Tesla CyberTruck 3D model. It covers setting up the truck for animation, generating a curve path from a

Rigging a quadruped character in Maya

This video shows creating the skeleton, connecting the IK and building a simple animation rig for a dog in Maya. This will work for any quadruped character.

How Do I Build a Quadruped Rig

Antony Ward have been doing a lot of research lately into quadruped limbs, mainly because I’m working on a full canine rig as part of my RiggingInMaya series. There are a handful

Maya VFX Creating Portal Effect

In this video we utilise one of the oldest tools in Maya: Particle system. We use Curve Flow tool to create and attach our particle object to a curve. Then we create

Maya VFX Fire Effect in Maya

In this video we are going to explore the power of fluid containers and how to use voxels to create realistic fire effect in Autodesk Maya.

3 ways of rigging a reverse leg (dog leg) in Maya

I was looking at some earlier projects that I did and I noticed that over the years I’ve actually rigged a dog leg in quite a few different ways. So I decided

create a Fire with Fluid Effects in Maya

Learn about dynamic fluid effects by creating a fire in Maya.

Maya VFX Realistic Candle Flame Effect

In this video i am going to teach you a fast and an easy way to create a candle flame effect using Maya’s powerful fluid system.