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Glass Material with Arnold in Maya 2018

Making a Glass is very easy with Arnold in Maya 2018. Here you will learn how to use Arnold Standerd surface material to create glass material. How the transmission attribute helps you

Autodesk Maya 2018 – Animating Character with Mixamo

Autodesk Maya 2018 – How to start animating a character with Mixamo and Maya This video shows, step by step, instructions on how to animate a character using Mixamo. This video teaches

Maya 2018 Basic Bifrost Maya Webinar

This is the recording of my Bifröst BASIC webinar on January 25. Here you learn the basics about Bifröst, your first steps for simulating liquids in Maya 2018 (other versions of Maya

Drive one MASH network with another

This is a short video showing how you can take the result of one MASH network and feed it into a second MASH network. Super simple. I also take a look at

Mocap Basic Tips in Maya 2018

Working with motion capture data could be very interesting especially when we know how to use the data and manipulate it to fit into our project or pipeline, in today’s video we

Webinar MASH Dynamics Maya 2018

MASH Dynamics lets you turn any motion graphics setup into a dynamics simulation and even mix animation with simulation. Maya 2018 Motion graphics webinar looking at the newest features in MASH –

Maya 2018 uv mapping unwrap

There are two ways to unfold a UV mesh: the Unfold command and the Smooth UV Tool.

Baking Dynamics to Joints in Maya

A super quick and easy demos showing how to transfer Spline_IK driven by a nHair simulation to joint rotations by Daryl Obert.

Maya Bonus Tools 2018

Bonus Tools 2018 is a free collection of useful Maya scripts and plug-ins. After installing Bonus Tools, an additional pull-down menu will be added to the end of the main Maya menu.

Animation retargeting using Maya

Daryl presents tutorial on how to get mocap data onto a character using Maya’s powerful retargeting system. Along the way, he shows how to work around common re-targeting issues with the help