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OCZ Re-Enters Graphics Market

OCZ Technology Group, a Sunnyvale technology company had left the graphics card market a while ago to focus on high performance and high reliability memory. OCZ was quite successful in this field;

BOXX Workstation with Quad-Core Processors

Powerful 64-Bit Workstation Specifically Engineered to Power Film Post-Production BOXX Technologies Inc., an innovator in high-performance computing hardware for visual effects (VFX) professionals, announced the immediate availability of the 3DBOXX® RTX Series


Holography (from the Greek, ???? – holos whole + ????? – graphe writing) is the science of producing holograms; it is an advanced form of photography that allows an image to be

DirectX 10 GPUs to Consume up to 300W

ATI and NVIDIA have been briefing power supply manufacturers in Taiwan recently about what to expect for next year’s R600 and G80 GPUs.  Both GPUs will be introduced in late 2006 or

3D displays overview

As in the case for stereoscopic 3D, 3D images can be seen by compounding the incoming images that are originally separated from each left and right eye in one’s brain. Currently, methods

Spring 2006 graphic cards buyer’s guide

Published by: As hardware accessories are very important for the animators and computer graphics creators it is quite difficult to stay informed and choose the best solution for you. We bring