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How to Retarget Motion Capture in MotionBuilder

Moocappys  will  show you everything you need to know to retarget motion capture to your character in MotionBuilder. – How to merge and connect 2 characters. – How to import mocap data

How to 3D Motion Capture Easy and Free with a Phone!

Learn how to Create Animations with 3D Motion Capture Free with Radical and Blender! Sign up for Free Here: (also use this link for the discount!) Save 10% off any package


Motion data and motion capture is the new mode of bringing characters to the big screen, and this is greatly important for 3D artist to understand how to manipulate this as the


Autodesk has finally released a new version of one of their most used program in the film and animation industry. Autodesk MotionBuilder has been the industry standard tool for motion capture data

Preparing a BVH File in MotionBuilder

Importing a BVH file into MotionBuilder and applying it to a character ready for clean-up and editing.

Mocap Basic Tips in Maya 2018

Working with motion capture data could be very interesting especially when we know how to use the data and manipulate it to fit into our project or pipeline, in today’s video we

Animation retargeting using Maya

Daryl presents tutorial on how to get mocap data onto a character using Maya’s powerful retargeting system. Along the way, he shows how to work around common re-targeting issues with the help

VICON WORKSHOP 22. 3. 2014

Otevíráme pro Vás celodenní workshop se systémem motion capture v softwaru VICON. Workshopu se může zúčastnit kdokoliv, se základními znalostmi práce s PC. Z důvodu naplnění kapacity je minimální počet účastníků 15

VICON WORKSHOP 22nd March 2014

We open for you all-day workshop with motion capture system VICON software. Workshop can participate, anyone with basic PC skills. Due to full capacity, the minimum number of participants 15 and instead