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Arnold Glow in Maya 2020

This is an updated tutorial on creating an awesome glow effect in Maya 2020 with the Arnold render engine.

How To Create Texture Emission In Maya & Arnold Renderer

Today we are going to learn how we can use a Texture as an Emission source as a Luminance source and use it to emit light at the same time maintaining the

Maya Arnold Opacity

In this video you will find out how to make transparent texture background in Arnold and Maya.

Arnold’s Lights and Incandescence for Maya

In this tutorial, we will start to light our environment AND learn about Arnold’s Incandescence! It’s a full packed tutorial. Don’t forget to wait at the end for the PLUS portion. In

Arnold Emissive shaders vs Arnold Mesh lights in Maya 2019

In this tutorial in Maya 2019 Mike is going to show you the Arnold Mesh light setup compared to the simple emissive shader setup in order to create glow or light in

How to avoid stretching your 3D textures in Maya 2019

In this UV tutorial in Maya 2019 Mike will explain how to approach UV mapping a slightly more organic and complex object without stretching your textures.

UV Mapping Fastest and Easiest Way in Maya 2018

Tutorial showing the fastest and easiest way to UV map using the new tools in Maya 2018 combined with a special workflow I developed to speed things up further.

Rendering Paint Effects with Arnold in Maya 2018

A brief description of the process for preparing Paint Effects objects for rendering in Arnold. A brief introduction to Paint Effects is also included.

How To Create Metal Silver Using ARNOLD In Maya 2018 HDRI Lighting

In this Maya tutorial we will create a realistic metal – silver shader using Arnold in maya 2018 the shader creation will be pretty straight forward process, but to achieve a realistic

Arnold’s aiUtility Node to Create Procedural Dust in Maya 2018

Hi Creators, In this tutorial, we cover a new Arnold node: the aiUtility node! This node is very handy, especially when creating procedural textures that fall in a particular angle. Check it