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Maya – Basic Particle Dissolve Effect

Jfernsler will show you how to use Maya’s nParticles to create a simple “dissolve to dust” effect which employs several very useful, simple and flexible techniques for many other effects you may wish

Cinematic Color Grading & Editing

Editing, Color Grading and Sound Design is what we’re looking at in part two of our series about making a film without any lighting equipment or tripods, just a Nikon Z 6


Motion data and motion capture is the new mode of bringing characters to the big screen, and this is greatly important for 3D artist to understand how to manipulate this as the

5 things to do BEFORE you characterize a character in MotionBuilder

In this video we’re going to look at 5 quick things to do BEFORE you characterize your character in MotionBuilder that will make it easier to work with. These might seem a


Filming cinematic broll is important for your videos BUT making sure you approach filming b-roll with a story focused method is equally as important. I break down how I as a DP

In Camera Transitions: A Masterclass

Awesome Masterclass about transitions and editing your videos. Definitely worth to check it out!

Maya Modelling Secrets – speed up your workflow

In this Maya modelling tutorial, learn some of our top tips for speeding up your modelling work in Autodesk Maya. We cover the use of custom hotkeys, marking menus and general modelling

Speed up the rigging process in Maya with automatic centering for joint placement.

Building a skeleton for your character can at times be tricky; you may start drawing your joints only to find that they’re going to the origin. This results in having to keep

Rendering Paint Effects with Arnold in Maya 2018

A brief description of the process for preparing Paint Effects objects for rendering in Arnold. A brief introduction to Paint Effects is also included.

Maya Snow Simulation with nParticles

Make a snow simulation with nParticles and render it in Arnold inside of Maya.