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Software provides interactive 3D data management.

Mercury Computer Systems Introduces the Next-Generation Software Suite for Interactive 3D Data Management and Visualization Open Inventor(TM) v6.0 suits applications that require comprehensive processing, visualization, and management of large data sets. It

DirectX 10 GPUs to Consume up to 300W

ATI and NVIDIA have been briefing power supply manufacturers in Taiwan recently about what to expect for next year’s R600 and G80 GPUs.  Both GPUs will be introduced in late 2006 or

Upcoming graphics cards extremly power hungry

Power supply manufacturers are reporting that the upcoming graphics cards from both ATI and NVIDIA are going to have a massive power draw. Some Taiwanese companies have been briefed by both companies,

Intel scores in graphics

GEMING: Intel remains the leader in the overall graphics market. While Intel held onto a 39.1 per cent market share in the overall graphics market, ATI’s market share during the first quarter

3D displays overview

As in the case for stereoscopic 3D, 3D images can be seen by compounding the incoming images that are originally separated from each left and right eye in one’s brain. Currently, methods

SKorea’s Samsung SDI develops new 3D technology

South Korea’s Samsung SDI has said it had developed a new technology to display three-dimensional images on mobile phones and other devices. Read the news Read more about the 3D displays  

Multi-Touch Interaction Research

Bi-manual, multi-point, and multi-user interactions on a graphical interaction surface. While touch sensing is commonplace for single points of contact, multi-touch sensing enables a user to interact with a system with more

Pixar releases RenderMan® Pro Server 13.0

Pixar Animation Studios released version 13.0 of its Academy Award®-winning RenderMan Pro Server software. RenderMan is the recognized industry standard for CG feature animation and visual effects rendering, and was used in

Analysts: ATI possible AMD acquisition target

Shares of ATI Technologies Inc. jumped 9 percent Wednesday after a Wall Street analyst said the graphics chip maker may be acquired by Advanced Micro Devices Inc., the PC microprocessor maker that’s

7900 GTs frizzle, while Nvidia shrugs

SOME NVIDIAN 7900 GTs, especially the ones that are heavily overclocked, can fry up rather easily. With card-makers pushing Nvidia’s chip to its limit, with overclocking and hyper-cooling, some its sheems are