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Maya tutorial: An Animated Curtain

This lesson will teach you how to simply create a cloth surface with the Loft function and animate it using the Cluster deformers applied to the vertices.       An Animated

South Korea

AIthough it may not enjoy quite the same profile among western audiences as Japan or India, South KoreaMilo’s Great Adventure. has been a key player in the global animation industry for more


Animation studios in Canada are able to apply for funding 50 per cent of a production budget through the Federal funding body, Telefilm Canada. The country’s tax incentives have played an important

Maya tutorial: Image Planes in Maya

The Modeling process in Maya can sometimes turn from enthusiasm into a nightmare especially for a novice. It is therefore essential to eliminate all kinds of distractions and potental problems right at


The cost of labour in China is one of the lowest in the world. This, coupled with the territory’s large pool of animators, is attracting animation outsourcing to China. In fact, the


The Philippines animation industry exports almost all of its output to large international studios. Labour costs in the Philippines are less expensive than the United States by some 15-20 per cent in


The trailer of the new Hollywood thriller from David Fincher, director of “Se7en” and “Fight Club” is online. Based on the books by Robert Graysmith, Zodiac follows Graysmith’s investigation into the man

BOXX Workstation with Quad-Core Processors

Powerful 64-Bit Workstation Specifically Engineered to Power Film Post-Production BOXX Technologies Inc., an innovator in high-performance computing hardware for visual effects (VFX) professionals, announced the immediate availability of the 3DBOXX® RTX Series


The Taiwanese government is encouraging the growth of its animation business in the international market. With this in mind, it has increased its budgets for film assistance and set up programmes to


The advent of digital animation coincided with Iiberalisation of the Indian economy, opening up the country’s assets to animation producers and investors. India offered the benefits of lower production costs, strong creative