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Maya Tutorial: An Eye Texture

There are a few ways to make a realistic eye. The method I will show you now is not super realistic but it’s very quick to set up and effective. In a few

The Power of 3D at the 16th FIRST Robotics Competition

Autodesk helps the students of today become the engineers of tomorrow with Autodesk Inventor and 3Dds Max Software. Autodesk demonstrated its ongoing commitment to education with a $17 million donation of software

Show your university campus at 3D

The ‘Build Your Campus in 3D’ Competition begins. This spring, you and your (presumably equally artistic) friends can honor your campus turf as you hone your 3D design skills merely by modeling

Oscars 2007 Nominations

The nominees for the 79th Academy Awards have been announced in Los Angeles. Here is the list of nominated movies in animation and VFX categories.     Short Film (Animated) Lifted  As


Ascension Technology Corporation’s Flock of Birds® is playing a key role in a promising new frontier for the computer game industry – creating virtual reality simulations as vehicles for psychological therapy. Imprint

Maya Tutorial: The Basic explosion shader

I named this tutorial Basic Explosion Shader for a reason. When you do some explosion or smoky effects, you have to use more than one or two emitters and different colors of

Softimage XSI 6 Launch Tour 2007

Softimage is pleased to announce the Six Education Tour, taking place across North America and Europe in early 2007. Sponsored by HP, Intel, Microsoft & NVIDIA, Six Education promises to answer everything

Autodesk Maya 8.5 Unveiled At GDC 2007

Autodesk® Maya® 8.5 software gives artists enhanced creative control, enabling faster completion of complex animation and simulation tasks. Creative control is achieved through innovative new technologies such as Nucleus, Autodesk’s next-generation unified

Maya Tutorial: An Explosion

Shatter is a very nice tool in Maya. You can have a lot of fun with cracking the object into pieces and blowing it up. In this tutorial I will show you how

Rich 3D imagery added to Google Earth

Users of Google’s latest edition of its mapping application are now able to build and share rich 3D content. Google Earth 4 is now a mixture of textured 3D renderings of famous