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Global Game Development Contest – Be Creative!

This is your chance to make your dream come true! Create an original game for Windows or Xbox 360™ using XNA Game Studio Express, a new tool from Microsoft. Then enter your

AniFest changes graphics after 5 years!

Michaela Pavlátová takes over from the mace of Pavel Koutský. The typical South Czech white stork – the logo’s main theme (although „á la Pavlátová“ for this time) became the central element and


The cost of labour in Vietnam is one of the lowest in the world. Coupled with a sizeable pool of skilled animators, this is attracting animation outsourcing to the country. In addition,

Motion capture – solution to boost-up animation

Motion Capturing is a technology for digitally recording a real actor motions and getting the data set so as to use for various purposes. There are several interesting technologies available to capture the

MotionBuilder tutorial: Motion Capture BVH data

You can use a mocap data file to drive your model in MotionBuilder and then export it back to Maya or 3Ds MAX. MotionBuilder uses The Autodesk .fbx file format which is

finalRender® SP2 for Maya Available Now!!!

cebas Computer, maker of finalRender®, announces the release of Service Pack 2 for finalRender Stage-2 for Maya. Service Pack 2 fixes several important issues that were identified after the initial release of

MotionBuilder Tutorial: The Custom characterize bone name template

In this lesson I will show you how to make your own template for your BVH files, so that you will not need to remap your BVH bone naming structure every time.

MotionBuilder Tutorial: BVH – T-Stance in a minute

When I started to play with a BVH mocap data files I found out very important thing. Before u characterize the mocap BVH skeleton and than bind it on your model, you

Hafnium to Replace Silicon Era

The next milestone in the relentless pursuit of smaller, higher performance microchips has been unveiled. Chip-maker Intel has announced that it will start producing processors using transistors with features just 45 nanometres

Softimage Develops New 3D Game Pipeline with EA Chicago

World’s leading interactive entertainment software company implements SOFTIMAGE|XSI Software for State-of-the-art Next-Gen Title from EA Chicago. Avid Technology announced that its Softimage subsidiary is developing a 3D game development pipeline built on