Monthly Archives: June 2007

Competition: New video-clip for Tata Bojs

PiXEL magazine in cooperation with Warner Music and TATA BOJS band, announces the competition to create a new video-clip. The task: On PiXEL DVD 127/128 (summer double-issue, released Jun 29th) you can


Dear firends,  Prague ACM SIGGRAPH invites you to lecture VIRTUAL BATTLESPACE – JAN HOVORA Serious gaming, or how it ends if you want to create a simple shooting game and you don’t

Autodesk Fuels Green Automobile Design

Autodesk,announced that Palumbo Motorcar Company of America (Palumbo Motorcar,, a bold new car design and manufacturing company, is using Autodesk Inventor software and Autodesk AliasStudio software to design a high-performance, environmentally