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Unreal Engine 3: Samaritan

Unreal Engine 3 video strives to set the standard for future hardware platforms Epic Games has used its private GDC press conference to demo a stunning Unreal Technology demo that Mark Rein

Luxology’s Studio Environment Set 2

Luxology’s Studio Environment Set 2 (SES 2) is a collection of HDR sphere mapped images with pro studio lighting. Luxology has announced the availability of the Studio Environment Set 2 (SES 2) Kit,

Photoshop for 3D Artists Vol. 1

3DTotal’s latest book provides an attractive, in-depth guide to skills that will prove essential to any 3D artist, says Fernando Caire Just because you work in 3D, it doesn’t mean 2D art


Since ancient times, stories of epic battles and mystical legends have been passed through the generations across the rugged and mysterious Highlands of Scotland. In “Brave,” a new tale joins the lore

CAKE Sells Two Series to Disney

Leading kids’ entertainment specialist, CAKE has bolstered its relationship with The Walt Disney Company’s television group following strong sales of two key programmes to Disney Channels. Oscar’s Oasis, a 78×7’ 3D cartoon

Australian Trike created and engineered in high speed using Luxology modo

New modeling and rendering capabilities in Luxology modo has helped engineering firm Design+Industry create innovative three-wheeled Speed ‘Trike’.       Australian industrial design firm, Design+Industry, has recently given shape to what

Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite While the first Bioshock titles took place under the ocean, Bioshock Infinite takes place in the skies of a floating city called Columbia. While the first two featured a silent

Exotique 7 call for entries

Ballistic Publishing invites you to submit your work to EXOTIQUE 7: THE WORLD’S MOST BEAUTIFUL CG CHARACTERS. The seventh book in the series will showcase the best digital character creations produced for film,


Pixologic, the maker of the ZBrush software is pleased to announce the latest release of Sculptris (for Windows and Mac). Pixologic has been recognized for its ground-breaking innovation for the past ten

SIGGRAPH 2011 Computer Animation Festival

SIGGRAPH 2011  Computer Animation Festival SIGGRAPH has announced the Computer Animation Festival’s Best in Show, Jury Award, and Best Student Project recipients for SIGGRAPH 2011 in Vancouver, 7-11 August 2011. A total