Meet the MetaHumans: Free Sample Now Available | Unreal Engine

These two high-quality, fully rigged sample characters represent the current state of the art for real-time digital humans and they’re yours to explore, modify, and use in your Unreal Engine 4.26.1 or

3D Modeling 5 Low Poly GAME ASSETS in under 20 minutes in Maya

In this video I will be modeling 5 low poly game props in under 20 minutes – Crate – Traffic Cone – Oil drum – Road Barrier – Barrel

Modeling Monsters Inc. cannisters in Maya

In this video in Maya 2020 we are going to model a Monsters Inc. cannister in Maya and texture it in Keyshot 10

Create Realistic Fire Effect in Maya

hey guys in this production series we are going to create realistic Zombie On fire effect first lesson we are going through basic setting of 3d fluid containers and how to

How to rig and animate a truck in 12 minutes using the UAC Rig

This short video uses the Ultimate Adjustable Car Rig to rig and animate a Tesla CyberTruck 3D model. It covers setting up the truck for animation, generating a curve path from a

Unity Tips and Tricks for Photorealism

Hey guys, welcome back to the channel it has been some time since I’ve uploaded but I think this video is worth the wait. Over the past year, my own knowledge of

Using Post-Processing to improve visuals in Unity

In this video we take a look at how to use the Post-Processing Stack in Unity to drastically improve the look of our visuals in our project. We take a look at

Arnold Glow in Maya 2020

This is an updated tutorial on creating an awesome glow effect in Maya 2020 with the Arnold render engine.

Rigging a quadruped character in Maya

This video shows creating the skeleton, connecting the IK and building a simple animation rig for a dog in Maya. This will work for any quadruped character.

How Do I Build a Quadruped Rig

Antony Ward have been doing a lot of research lately into quadruped limbs, mainly because I’m working on a full canine rig as part of my RiggingInMaya series. There are a handful