What is SPAFI Production?

Do you want to just make a movie and you don’t have the equipment or the crew? Do you want to organize a concert and do not have the equipment or staff? Do you want to organize a festival and do not have the equipment or staff? Never mind, we are here for you and we will arrange everything. We deliver, shoot and arrange everything from artists to ticket pickers and technicians! We can shoot in the studio or outdoors and we are able to shoot from documentaries to feature films, everything. We are able to arrange and organize concerts and festivals of all kinds, including the provision of the program and moderators.

What is SPAFi Rental?

Thanks to the members of the association, who own all sorts of equipment for filming and outdoor events, we have created a depository of equipment that you can rent with a technician or just borrow. Rental prices depend on the length of the lease and the volume of borrowed items and are determined by agreement. If you are interested in renting our equipment or film crew to organize and set up tents for filming, concerts or festivals, please contact us by e-mail with your question to rental(a)

We will not only organize your event, but also record it and make a copy for you.

SPAFi offers assistance in the realization of any outdoor events!

Our team of film producers, light technicians, sound engineers, cameramen and rigers offers their services and the following equipment:

Tent big 12m x 6m (rental only with technical staff to assemble it 3-4 people)

1x tent 3×6 m

8x tent 3×3 m

3x tent 2×3 m

10x beer set (table and 2x stall)

10x foldable table 2×1 m

1x mobile stage 8×6 m and truss for lights (ramp with the roof)

1x mobile audio support (mix up to 32 inputs, laptop and cables)

8x microphone for PA system (sing and talk)

1x microphone set for drums

1x light deskboard with FX  and dimmer up to 8 lights

8x color LED reflector with changable color program

6x Repro Box Pro Yamaha  300W active PA

over 2Km of cabeling and spliter 220V to 380V

3x projector Acer HD

1 x camera sony EX3

2 x camera GoPro HD

1 x camera Panasonic stereoscopic HD

1x camera crain

1x steadycam west

1x  Mac Pro Final Cut (optionaly with the operator)

All kinds of  C stands, stands, light holders and stands for microphones, light sets, amplifiers etc.

Here are some selected events that we organize or participate in, whether by organization or equipment rental:

Dobříšský Festival Vína a Piva, Dobříšské Majové Slavnosti, Majáles Liberec, Dobřichovické slavnosti, Rock For People, Mighty Sounds, Wine & Street Food Fest, Africa Day, Barevná Devítka, Colours of Ostrava, In Vino – Hostivice , Asian Food Festival, Hrady CZ, Pálavské Vinobraní, Vinobraní na Prražské Kampě, Botanická zahrada – Vinobrani a Food Fest, Mostecká slavnost, Mělnické Vinobraní, Jazz & Wine Festival, Chilli Fest, Karlštejn Vinobraní, Podolské Vinobraní, Doplimatic Spouse Association – Christmas Bazaar – Hilton Hotel

Foto Gallery of some selected events:

IMG-20210302-WA0002 FestivalJakoVina_StreletskyOstrov_11May2019_3 FestivalJakoVina_SteletskyOstrov_16June2018 DobriskeFestivalVina_Dobris_1Sept2018 Wine&StreetFoodFest_Praha_10August2019_3 Vibrant9_Praha_31August2019 MajoveSlavnost_Dobris_19May2018 InVino_Hostovice_10August2018 KunraticeVinobrani_20Sept2019 IMG-20210302-WA0053 IMG-20210302-WA0048 IMG-20210302-WA0047 IMG-20210302-WA0046 IMG-20210302-WA0042 IMG-20210302-WA0038 IMG-20210302-WA0037 IMG-20210302-WA0036 IMG-20210302-WA0032 IMG-20210302-WA0030 IMG-20210302-WA0029 IMG-20210302-WA0024 IMG-20210302-WA0016 IMG-20210302-WA0011 IMG-20210302-WA0012 IMG-20210302-WA0015 IMG-20210302-WA0014 IMG-20210302-WA0010 IMG-20210302-WA0009 IMG-20210302-WA0008 IMG-20210302-WA0007 IMG-20210302-WA0006 IMG-20210302-WA0005 IMG-20210302-WA0004