OCZ Re-Enters Graphics Market

OCZ Re-Enters Graphics Market OCZ Technology Group, a Sunnyvale technology company had left the graphics card market a while ago to focus on high performance and high reliability memory. OCZ was quite successful in this field; having become one of the most popular brands for gaming enthusiasts.

These days OCZ announces their return to the world of graphics cards. OCZ is prepared to deliver a differentiated GPU solution to gamers and enthusiasts with the launch of the OCZ NVIDIA GeForce® 8800 GTX 768MB PCI Express®.


The OCZ 8800 GTX will come clocked at 575MHz GPU, 1800MHz memory, and sport 768MB of GDDR3. Not particularly impressive over a stock 8800, OCZ does have a few things that will make it more attractive to enthusiasts. For one, they have pre-screened the memory put into the units, for greater overclocking potential, though they do not give any specific figures.

OCZ Re-Enters Graphics MarketHowever, OCZ Technology VP of Marketing and Communications, Alex Mei, claims “By providing the best components and then hand screening them, we can ensure the best hardware platform in which tweakers can start overclocking. This allows high end consumers to overclock so as to fit thier unqiue personal requirements.”

The cards hit the shelves this week, and will be more expensive than the already pricey 8800s. However, given the name OCZ has made for themselves as a premium memory supplier, it would be interesting to see them take on the numerous other premium graphics cards companies like BFG.