The Australian government supports the animation industry through funding schemes and incentives. The Australian Film Finance Corporation (FCC) promotes and invests in Australian feature films and television productions. In addition to this, various states in Australia, such as New South Wales and Victoria, provide their own funding mechanisms.

Australian animation studios are collaborating with international studios to co-produce animation content. They’re also investing in licensing their own animation content. Major animation hits produced by Australian animation studios include Dot And The Kangaroo (1977), Blinky Bill (1992), The New Adventures Of Robin Hood (1994), The Silver Brumby (1998) and The New Adventures Of Ocean Girl (2000). Animation studios in Australia are facing increasing cost pressures and competition. As a result, many of the studios are now outsourcing work to low-cost locations. The leading animation studios in Australia are Yoram Gross-EM.TV, Animal Logic, Burbank Animation Studios, Media World Pictures, Southern Star, Kapow Pictures, Liquid Animation, FunnyAzHell, Mad Cow Pictures, FWAK! Animation and Halo Pictures.

  • The industry produces more than 200 hours of animation content every year
  • There are more than 80 companies already established in the Australian animation sector
  • About 2,000 people are employed in the Australian animation industry
  • The Australian animation industry is growing at an annual rate of 10-12%

The source: 3D World (text) + Digital Vector (statistics)