The German animation industry has seen rapid growth in the last decade, with successful, locally developed feature films such as Werner – Volles Raaaa!, Kleines Arschloch, Pippi Longstocking and The Little Polar Bear. This growth is encouraged by the government, which bolsters the industry with flexible funding and infrastructure support.

German animation film studios collaborate a great deal, and they also work independently on the production of feature films. For example, four German animation studios collaborated on The Little Poior Bear.

The pan-European collaboration of studios is now a common trend, and this is particularly evident among German animation studios, which are preferred partners largely due to the encouraging German funding patterns and contract structures.

The leading animation studios in Germany are: Hahnfilm, Rothkirch/Cartoon-Film, Trickompany and Animationsstudio Ludewig, Animationsfabrik Hamburg, Motion Works, Trixter Film, Munich Animation Film, Senator Filmproduktion, Greenlight Media, Toons ‘n’ Tales, Scopas Medien and Studio Film Bilder.


  • On average, the German animation industry has been producing three animation films per year
  • The industry currently has the capacity to produce eight animated films a year in Germany
  • Germany is one of the top three animation markets in Europe, along with France and the UK
  • The German animation industry is geographically scattered around cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Halle and Munich

The source: 3D World (text) + Digital Vector (statistics)