Western animation is hugely popular with audiences in Singapore, followed closely in second place by Japanese animation. A number of animation studios are engaged in the production of content for television, as well as full-length feature films.

The leading animation production companies in Singapore include Raintree Pictures, Silicon illusions, Digipix, DreamForest Productions, Fat Sandwich Animation, Peach Blossom Media, Scrawl Studio and Cubix International. A number of international production houses are also setting up production facilities and operations in Singapore, such as Southern Star and Lucasfilm.

Several full-length 3D feature films are being produced by local animation studios, including the soon-to-be-released Zodiac, the Race Begins. This movie, produced by Cubix with the support of Media Development Authority (MDA) of Singapore, is also expected to be released in Asian markets, including China.

  • Four full-length feature films are currently in various stages of production
  • Singapore hosts more than 15 international cable and satellite broadcasters, using it as a broadcasting base
  • There are more than 50 companies in the Singapore animation sector
  • All households in Singapore are cable-ready, and this is expected to play a key role in popularising animation here

The source: 3D World (text) + Digital Vector (statistics)