South Korea

AIthough it may not enjoy quite the same profile among western audiences as Japan or India, South KoreaMilo’s Great Adventure. has been a key player in the global animation industry for more than 30 years. The country has mainly been an outsourcing destination for North American, European, and Japanese studios. This trend, however, is currently undergoing a change, with the industry increasingly producing local content such as Turtle Hero, Bungabu and

Much of the Korean animation Industry is located around Seoul. The animation studios in Seoul have developed a system of complex interrelationships: animation jobs are broken down into manageable pieces and then sub-contracted to different entities. This has resulted in the development of all-round capabilities and faster turnaround times. Recently, there has been an increase in partnerships and joint productions of animation content between Korean studios and broadcasting systems, educational institutions, game developers, toy companies and other third parties.

The leading studios in Korea are Sunwoo, Seoul Animation, Hahn Shin Corporation, Dongwoo Animation, Tooniverse, Saerom Animation, Daiwon C&A Holdings and AKOM Production Co.

  • South Korea is the third largest producer of animation globally, after the US and Japan
  • About 95% of South Korea’s animation content is outsourced from overseas animation studios
  • Korea is one of the largest suppliers of the television animation in the world. Korean studios have the capability to produce over 1,200 episodes (22 minutes per episode) per year
  • There are 450+ animation studios in Korea producing animation content
South Korea

The source: 3D World (text) + Digital Vector (statistics)