Maya tutorial: The Goblet

Maya tutorial: The Goblet This mini tutorial is the preparatory lesson for the glass shader so stay tuned. To create a goblet like this you will only need a few steps. Start with a simple curve and then use the revolve tool.

Maya tutorial: The Goblet


In the main menu choose Create>EP Curve Tool. Draw the curve so it is matching the shape in the picture.




Select the curve and go into the Surface menu. Choose Edit Curves>Rebuild Curve>option box. Leave everything as it is, just insert a value of 15 in the “Number of Spans” row. Hit the Rebuild button. You may notice the curve has changed a little. Make small changes by moving the vertices and match the shape of the curve as in the picture below.




Select the curve and choose Surfaces>Revolve


With the revolve tool you can have a lots of fun. You can try to model some more dishes such as plates and bowls if you prefer.