Softimage XSI 6 Launch Tour 2007

Softimage XSI 6 Launch Tour 2007 Softimage is pleased to announce the Six Education Tour, taking place across North America and Europe in early 2007.

Sponsored by HP, Intel, Microsoft & NVIDIA, Six Education promises to answer everything you wanted to know about XSI, but were afraid to ask.

See What’s New

Come see what’s new in SOFTIMAGE|XSI 6 – including the advanced interoperability it offers for mixed pipelines (Crosswalk); new tools to manage increased complexity (MOTOR, Animation Layering, Quick Shade, Delta Referencing); the commitment to standard scripting & programming (.NET Framework, Python v.2.5, C#) and much more.

Catch up with them in Los Angeles, Montreal, Toronto, Atlanta, New York City, Seattle, Vancouver, Chicago, Dallas, London, Frankfurt and Paris.

Softimage XSI 6 Launch Tour 2007

Train the Trainer Seminar Series

Six Education events in New York and Vancouver will also feature a Train the Trainer seminar series, where Digital Tutors will be giving a “How to Teach XSI” refresher course for educators, teachers, freelance trainers and in-house studio instructors. Upon completion of the Train the Trainer seminar, attendees could be eligible to receive a 6-month trial license of XSI Advanced EDU and a complete set of training DVDs.

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