The Foundry course – NUKE


  • Overview of the interface
  • basics node based compositing
  • channels and layers
  • Tips and trix


  • Interface overview
  • Advantages of node based compositing
  • 3D space and cameras
  • particles
  • keying
  • tracking


Benefits of using pre-baked 3D matte painting:

  • Once approved  –  high shot turnaround
  • ability to assetize looks and elements of the scene
  • high art direct-ability
  • ability to see all “live” in compositing context

MODO asset creation (a Building):

  • Introduction to modeling tools and concepts in MODO
  • Introduction to UV map creation and manipulation tools in MODO
  • How can modo help distributing objects throughout the scene.
  • MODO Shading, materials and procedural textures
  • Rendering, Render outputs, channels, GI systems, Daylight system.
  • Banking concepts and pre-bake application setup
  • Retopo workflow

NUKE preparing the scene:

  • Introduction to benefits of node based workflow (instancing assets for the BG)
  • Merging 3d assets with the 2d World (making corrections to textures)
  • Creating smart assets (the barrel)
  • Re-animating the camera

MARI texture development after the bake:

  • Introduction to MARI as a high-end painting application.
  • Layers, Layer sharing, Adjustment layers
  • Export



Martin Mayer

Before joing the foundry i had the opportunity to try on many hats,  most recently a role of a Visual effects supervisor. I am a CGI generalist applying the state-of-the art digital techniques while building on my years of fine art experience. In my work, I usually blend traditional analog techniques with the digital ones to fulfil the creative vision. What sets me apart, I guess, is that I don’t specialize: I truly enjoy all the facets of a production and so I constantly keep mastering them all: from creative to technical aspects.

I am currently based in Bratislava. My recent work includes numerous commercials, variety of motion graphics and several documentaries for Discovery World, Discovery US, History US and Canada and BBC. In my previous life, I worked as an Art Director in advertising leveraging my classical art training. I also taught at colleges in Canada and Mexico and my work was published in several magazines worldwide and in a book about Maya.


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