Vampire Film night at Sovinec castle

Vampire Film night at Sovinec castle Almost 200 people came to see Nosferatu, a symphony of horror featured by live music of DG 307 band and mysterious voice of Pavel Zají?ek. Annual 3rd event Film night at Sovinec castle was focused to vampire films.

Evening was opened by local jazzrock band Sibérija. After their 60 minutes concert two short films came. The night was closed with screening of Easy Rider movie. SPAFi was there, watch our photo report.

Sovinec castle

Before we arrived to Sovinec village, the castle appeared over the horizont. The castle was founded in 1332 by the “Lords of Sovinec”. It was an important Husite stronghold during the Husite Wars. It was bought in 1543 by the Lords of Boskovice, who made it into a renaissance residence.

Sovinec castle

The last two Czech holders of Sovinec were Vav?ince Edera ze Štiavnice (held it 1578-1592)and his son-in-law Jan starší Kobylka z Kobylího. After the battle at Bílá Hora the castle came into the hands of The Order of the German Knights.


Sovinec castle

It was conquered by the invading Swedish general, Torstenson in 1643 and was a Swedish fortress until 1650. During World War II it housed units of the SS and burned down in 1945. It is being slowly rebuilt.

Sovinec memorial

All the victims of WW2 are reminded by the memorial placed in the centre of the village.

St. Augustinus church

Former defense tower was rebuilt in 1844-1845 to the church of st. Augustinus. The octagonal tower is now significant dominant of the empire church.

Sculpture of st. Johannes Nepomucenus

Next to church entrance there is appealing baroque sculpture of st. Johannes Nepomucenus from 1726.

Sovinec, the pub

After a short walk around deserted village we found the pub, but…

Sovinec, the pub

… however it looked refurbished and very live, there was a tag prohibitng the entry placed in front of the pub.

Sovinec, the pub

Not even that, the pub called “At the Knights” looked to be still held by order of the German Knights abolished over 70 years ago. Really symbolic start of the vampire event.

Sovinec castle

We decided not to waste any more time in the deserted village and we went directly to the castle.

Iron snail

During our way we met some extraordinary figures …

Iron snail

… like eg. this iron snail or …

Christmas tree

… or the abandoned old christmas tree protected by two cannons.

Castle court

When we came to castle court, the first people were already there waiting for the upcoming event.

Sound system

The sound system also looked prepared.

Sibérija sound tests

In a few moments the first evening guest – Sibérija band came to make the sound tests.

Roman Kubík

At 7pm Roman Kubík, the evening guide and organizer of the event, greeted visitors and opened 3rd annual Film night at Sovinec castle.


Sibérija entered the evening with its 60 minutes jazzrock performance.


There were still some new people coming, the organisation team was very pleased by this year attendance.

Stairway ghosts

As every castle, also Sovinec has its ghosts. Two of them watched the event hided in the masks at starway corner.



Tony Joni - guitar

Tony Joni – guitar

Jarda Klí? - saxophone

Jarda Klí? – saxophone

Eda ?ápek - guitar

Eda ?ápek – guitar

Roman Karel - percussion

Roman Karel – percussion

Sibérija Sibérija

Waiting for sunset

After the entering concert we waited for the darkness – obviously, the vampire films cannot be screened before sunset.


Later the organisers found the sound system is not the best place for the projector – it did not fit the screen properly.

Sovinec castle

Sovinec castle

The panorama of “Nízký Jeseník” mountains you can see from the castle:


Sovinec castle

We used the time of waiting for the sunset to look around the castle …

DG 307

… and meanwhile the DG 307 band prepared for their gigantic performance.


Screening part of the evening started the short movie “Draci” (Dragons), the graduate film by young director Tomáš Vrána (FAMU). The film was located in the surrounding mountains.

Vampir, the guardian of terror

The second performed movie was short parody Vampire, the guardian of terror. This B&W film by Karel B?ezina uses all the atributes of silent films. The music for this film was composed by Varhan Orchestrovi? Bauer (he also composed music for the movie Goya’s Ghosts by academy award winner Miloš Forman).

Nosferatu, a symphony of horror

The main program of the evening – Nosferatu, a symphony of horror.

 Nosferatu, a symphony of horror

The movie was featured by DG 307 and the mysterious voice of Pavel Zají?ek.

Nosferatu, a symphony of horror

Nosferatu, a symphony of horror is classical silent film from 1929 by F.W. Murnau.


The screening was visited by 200 people.

DG 307 packing

DG 307 is packing after their performance. Tonight  they were represented by:

  • kettle drums: Antonín Korb,
  • cello: Tomáš Schilla,
  • violin: Pavel Cigánek,
  • bass: Oto Sukovský,
  • voice & citar: Pavel Zají?ek


After the last title of the night Easy Rider .

Film night at Sovinec castle 2009 will be focused to historical films.

See you next year!