AAA Studio has released a new version of FurryBall with realistic DoF and Motion blur, all in realtime.

6374_furry_tThe new features in FurryBall 2.1 include enhanced DoF with Motion Blur which is compatible with realtime DoF with Bokeh effect (circle, hectagon, square, pentagon, triangle). There is now a Motion vector output pass and Hair offset textures.
FurryBall is the first unique real-time GPU renderer in production quality implemented directly into Maya. You can see your render in real-time hairs, Maya Fluids, with bumpmaps, textures, soft shadows, reflections and refractions, ambient occlusion and color bleeding, depth of field and many other features directly in Maya viewport.
No more waiting for the render! According to the website and press release, FurryBall is about 30-300x TIMES faster than CPU renderers on regular Graphics cards.