Houdini for Torque

Houdini for Torque Independent game developers can now create 3D content for GarageGames’ Tourque game engine with $99 Houdini Apprentice HD.

Side Effects Software is pleased to announce the Torque exporter for Houdini. Developed by programmers at GarageGames, this exporter will put Houdini’s renowned node-based approach to 3D modeling and animation into the hands of both professional and independent game artists.

“Houdini Apprentice HD and the Torque Game Engine make a perfect match.” says Kim Davidson, President, Side Effects Software. “GarageGames recognizes the value in providing low-cost solutions to indie game developers, in the same way Side Effects supports artists and animators with Houdini Apprentice HD.”

Houdini for Games

Houdini offers game developers a wide range of artist-friendly modeling, animation, lighting, rendering, character and effects tools. But it is Houdini’s procedural node-based solutions that will make it easier to populate games with next-gen quality content. The exporter supports the output of meshes, nodes, animation, bone animation, level of detail, textures, UV coordinates and more, to the Torque Game Engine.

“Improving workflow for artists using Torque is a big priority for GarageGames and we couldn’t imagine supporting a better suite of tools than Houdini,” said Brett Seyler, VP of Business Development for GarageGames. “For everything from character modeling to procedural object generation, animation and physics, Houdini is a powerful product and their indie-friendly Houdini Apprentice HD, also known as the Starving Artist Edition, should make it very appealing to Torque users.”

As of March 18th, 2008, the new exporter will be available as part of Houdini Apprentice HD, Houdini Escape and Houdini Master. Existing Houdini customers working with Houdini 9.1 will be able to install the latest build to gain access to the new exporter.

Visit GarageGames at GDC

To learn what Houdini can do for your next game project, visit GarageGames and Side Effects at the Games Developers Conference in booth #5438 Moscone North from Wednesday, Feb 20th to Friday, Feb 22nd.