Create Realistic Fire Effect in Maya


hey guys in this production series we are going to create realistic Zombie On fire effect first lesson we are going through basic setting of 3d fluid containers and how to create and use them
2.then we are going to know emmiters and their types and whats best for our project lesson 3 we are going to dive into the interesting part and we will prepare the scene for our production Zombie on fire its time to do whatever we learn in lesson 1 and create the container for the Zombie this lesson we will understand how to create realistic emmiter based on our mesh
6.we will create the emmiter and do some container properties
7.we will have more talk about density and emitter properties its time to achieve the look with Velocity and turbulence properties that have great role in any visual effects not forget the importance of Temperature in Fire effect its time to get the look and go through Shading Properties
11.Finalyzing the Work YeaY