Dash is an inline scripting method for the Channel Box that allows you to perform many common operations on their values.

To activate the Dash Script Editor

Select one or more attributes in the Channel Box.
Alt + right-click anywhere in the Channel Box.
Maya displays the Dash Script Editor where you can enter Dash commands.

Default Dash commands

The following is a list of available Dash commands.

Command                                Effect
l(number)                                     Distributes the selected objects linearly over the total distance denoted by ‘number’ (requires 2 or more objects to be selected).
r(number)                                     Assigns a random number between 0 and ‘number’.
r(low, high)                                   Assigns a random number between ‘low’ and ‘high’.
e()                                                   Auto ease animation channel.
e(number)                                    Eases acceleration / deceleration of an animation channel based on a number between -1 and 1. A value of -1 represents slow acceleration and rapid deceleration, while a value of o1 produces the opposite.
ts(number)                                  Time offset any keyframes for the selected attributes by ‘number’ of frames.
In addition to these, anything from the Python Random module is also available for use.

Customized Dash commands

You can create your own Dash commands by editing the Dash.json file, located in /Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2017/plug-ins/MASH/scripts (windows) or /Applications/Autodesk/Maya2017/plug-ins/MASH/scripts (Mac).