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Maya Bonus Tools 2015

– BonusTools 2015 Installation – The 2014 and 2015 version of BonusTools is available for download.  Installers are posted on the Autodesk Maya Apps Exchange -> BonusTools 2014/2015 Installers.  The Exchange is a portal

A|W Graph a Boneheadz Demo day 2014

Seminar for Media & Entertainment. Register here!  

Autodesk Maya and Max 2015 Service Pack 1

Autodesk Maya 2015 Service Pack 1 is now available! The Service Pack has several important fixes and addresses the Heartbleed security vulnerability with an update to OpenSSL. Download it now from the

Autodesk Maya – Foundations 2014

Termín kurzu: 12. 5. – 16. 5.  2014 Partneri kurzu: Cena / rozsah: 13 500.- Kc/ 35 hod        Autodesk Produkt:         Autodesk Maya ceny jsou uvedeny vcetne

Prague Film Camp 2014

Prague Film Camp 2014 – city camp for kids from 12 to 18 years.

Now Announcing 3ds Max and Maya 2015

Happy to announce new 2015 3D Autodesk animation software releases. This year you will see lots of great new features, a ton of enhancements and user requested features and of course, more

Softimage final release announcement – Move to Maya or Max

We regret to inform you that the upcoming 2015 release will be the last one for Softimage® software. This final version is expected to ship on or around April 14, 2014. Autodesk

Autodesk Service Pack 4 Maya 2014

Autodesk Maya 2014 Service Pack 4 Autodesk Maya 2014 Service Pack 4 includes several important fixes, refer to the readme for more information.   http://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/maya/downloads/caas/downloads/content/autodesk-maya-2014-service-pack–4.html   WARNING! Backburner Server not connecting to Manager solution Autodesk

VICON WORKSHOP 22nd March 2014

We open for you all-day workshop with motion capture system VICON software. Workshop can participate, anyone with basic PC skills. Due to full capacity, the minimum number of participants 15 and instead

The first Slovak stereoscopic experimental film KUKU

KUKU is a fantastic story about the things living their own lives, about our child and dream visions. It is a story searching for the secrets of unknown world nonexistent on the