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Autodesk Maya 2017: Graph Editor Updates

Steven Roselle finally got around to recording a review of the more general animation updates for Autodesk Maya 2017. The new and improved Graph Editor has not only been re-architected to run

Maya 3D – nCloth – Dynamic Curtain

I just needed to do some animated courtains for one of my projects and this tutorial was very helpfull to find the final solution for my case. Really awesome way to drive


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Maya 2016 Extension 2 – Technical Modeling Improvements

In Maya 2016 Extension 2 we’ve completely redesigned Render Layers. We’ve integrated Mash for Motion Graphics. We’ve added a number of cool new rigging related workflows. We’ve updated XGen and Bifrost. There

Baking Dynamics to Joints in Maya 2016

A super quick and easy demos showing how to transfer Spline_IK driven by a nHair simulation to joint rotations.

Autodesk Maya 2016 Modeling Improvements

Check out a demo of some of the new modeling features in Maya 2016 as well as BonusTools 2016.

How To Create Animated Blood Cells With Autodesk Maya

During my last project i needed animate blood cells in the vein and this tutorial gave me pretty good basic and an idea how to deal with such task.

Autodesk Service Pack 4 Maya 2014

Autodesk Maya 2014 Service Pack 4 Autodesk Maya 2014 Service Pack 4 includes several important fixes, refer to the readme for more information.–4.html   WARNING! Backburner Server not connecting to Manager solution Autodesk

Autodesk Service Pack 3 Maya and Max 2014

Autodesk Maya 2014 Service Pack 3 Autodesk Maya 2014 Service Pack 3 includes several important fixes, refer to the readme for more information.    Autodesk 3ds Max 2014 Service Pack 3

Bonus tools 2014 and 3ds Import for Maya 2014

Bonus Tools 2014 is a free collection of useful Maya scripts and plug-ins. After installing Bonus Tools, an additional pull-down menu will be added to the end of the main Maya menu.